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Auto Insurance in Waukee, Grimes, and Dallas Center, IA

Protecting Drivers in Waukee and Grimes, IA

Auto insurance protects against fire, theft, collisions, and bodily injuries, among other exposures.  It’s a vital part of anyone’s insurance portfolio; it keeps drivers compliant and helps drivers avoid large and unnecessary out-of-pocket costs.  At Gustafson Insurance Team (GIT) Insurance we have an exhaustive auto insruance program, and through this program we write broad and flexible policies.  These policies are tailored to the needs of individual clients and provide the greatest value.  

Individually-tailored Coverages for the best Prices

Most auto insurance policies contain coverages for liabilities, damages from collisions and other incidents, and injuries that result from accidents and other incidents.  These coverages keep most drivers protected, but every driver needs more specific coverage as well, and this coverage is related directly to him or her.

At GIT Insurance we know that your auto insurance will not be like most other people’s auto insurance.  For this reason we assess your needs thoroughly and then find coverages that are most appropriate.  After an assessment we establish limits, rates, and deductibles that fit you best.  These efforts set you up for long-term protection from a robust and effective policy. 

Our coverages are sourced from different carriers, each of which makes our coverage collection more vast and diverse.  We work with fifteen carriers altogether, and as a result our collection enables clients to customize plans.  Customization helps ensure that the right solution is found.  From our collection you can choose any of the following coverage options:




·· Liability Coverage

· Comprehensive Coverage

· Collision Coverage

·Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage

·Diminishing Deductible

·Accident Forgiveness

·Minor Violation Forgiveness

·Roadside Assistance

·Specialty Auto Insurance

· 24-Hour Customer Service


·Rental Reimbursement

·Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

· Mexican Auto Insurance

· Medical Payments Coverage


Your coverages are critical parts of your insurance policy.  This is one reason why we recommend that you work with a licensed agent from GIT Insurance; an agent can help you cover every exposure you face or might face for the right price.  This price is not a reflection of just the coverages you select but rather of your limits and the benefits and discounts of which you can take advantage.  Some of the discounts and benefits to which you’re entitled depend on whether or not you combine your auto insurance with other types of insurance.  Typically, drivers combine auto and home insurance and receive significant special coverage options and rate discounts as a result. To learn more about multi-line policy discounts, see our home & auto page.

Finding a Solution with GIT Insurance 

As a driver you need to know that you’re covered both on and off the road.  Our goal is to provide you complete protection and to give you confidence in your insurance investment.  It’ll put you at ease and let you drive freely.  We meet our goal by providing detailed, comprehensive products and personalized services.  We assess your needs and find coverages that meet these needs.  We arrange your coverages for maximal value and provide you with full support.

We’ve insured drivers in Central Iowa for decades, so we know local markets and trends that affect coverages.  We also know the demands of drivers in the area, and as a result we deliver the best solutions.  We deliver these solutions quickly and efficiently also, and our expediency separates us from other insurers.

Another thing that separates us from other insurers is our service level.  We answer client questions fully whenever questions come up and we’re available when clients need us.  We also manage risk and claims.  This helps keep costs low and achieve suitable claims resolutions.  Our owner worked in the Nationwide claims department, so he knows how to guide clients through claims processes and to help achieve resolutions expeditiously. 

If you’d like to know more please contact us or give us a call.  You can also request a quote in order to find out some of the details of a policy. 

GIT Insurance is proud to provide car insurance in Waukee, West Des Moines, Grimes, Urbandale, Clive, and Des Moines, IA.  We also serve other areas in the state and we serve three other states as well.  

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GIT Insurance is more than just about the cost savings. They have been an insurance counselor during our families time of need. When they show their appreciation for our business all I can express is how thankful I am that they are our agent.
Bill M
Thank you so much GIT Insurance, who has by far done more for me than any other company and you've earned a customer for life!
Cody M
I can't thank GIT Insurance enough! They cut our bill to a third of what we were paying before! Amazing! Thanks to all who suggested GIT!
Celina V
A shout out to the best agent in the world (at least the best of the best in Central Iowa)! It feels like a whole new world out there driving without a HUGE crack on our windshield. We have delayed months to repair it as big expenses kept coming up. We were sure we had to pay to replace it ourselves as it would be under our deductible. It prompted me to send him a quick e-mail to check on coverage. He said we had zero deductible for windshield replacement and wrote exactly what to do to file claim - if you don't think you need an agent since you can get everything online these days, think again. You would have lost out on an exceptional service that GIT can provide you.
Suyau W
Agent helped me through a crisis claim situation and the service was beyond excellent!
Mark V
GIT Insurance (clever name) conveniently through the internet and email, but yet have that customer service or claims specialist at the agency to help you in your time of need.... Perfection!
Bryan I
GIT Insurance increased my coverage and lowered my cost….what could be better! Thank you for your help.
Joel P
We appreciated GIT Insurance time and expertise in trying to sort out our insurance issues. Their insight was tremendously helpful. A lot of clients are going to benefit from their time and counsel.
Jay B
Great timely service anytime I need to update my policy or have any coverage questions.
Karen S
GIT Insurance takes a very detailed and educational approach in arriving at the best solution specific to the customer's needs. So many options exist from a carrier and product standpoint that a customer runs the risk of making a costly mistake in the purchasing process. Life insurance is primarily for income replacement, not investment, thus a term life policy allows people to obtain a sizable amount of coverage with one of their quality carriers at a very affordable price. GIT Insurance makes a significant impact on the strength of the client's overall financial plan, which gives tremendous peace of mind!
Ross, Certified Financial Plannner